Various Voices 2021 Virtual Choir Festival - A Spring Affair SAT Apr 24

Various Voices 2021 Virtual Choir Festival - A Spring Affair SAT Apr 24
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Date Posted: Wed, 21 Apr 2021
This Saturday is the first Virtual Various Voices - 'A Spring Affair' and we are part of the show.

All the details you need are below, but be aware the concert starts at 6pm BST (7pm Central European time) 

If you can't make it on Saturday, the whole event will remain on YouTube to watch at your leisure after the event finishes. 
Unfortunately, this event came just a little too soon for our new video to be considered, so we have submitted our last video release (#BeTheChange).

Here's the Proud Voices (UK & Ireland) Social Media Post:

We're having a Spring Affair with our continental siblings on Saturday evening, and you're invited! 
Yes, several of the UK & Ireland LGBT+ choirs join forces with the LEGATO Choirs family across Europe 
and beyond in a celebration of song!

54 choirs are participating, but a special shout out to the 14 UK and Ireland choirs in the line-up!

Here are the timestamps for the local choirs:
0:52:28 European Queer Choir
2:01:27 Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus
2:05:47 Barberfellas
2:13:32 Rainbow Chorus
2:38:42 Quire Belfast LGBT Singers
2:43:30 Pink Singers
2:47:37 Sing Out Bristol (approximately 8.45pm)
3:15:05 London Gay Men's Chorus
3:40:55 Bristol Gay Men’s Chorus (approximately 9.40pm)
3:48:25 The Sunday Boys
3:55:29 Deep C Divas
4:13:31 Out Aloud- Sheffield LGBT Choir
4:18:45 Homonics

54 choirs, 4 hours 
and 28 minutes of amazing performances! 

Get the party started!

Thank you all so much for your contributions to Legato's first Virtual Choir Festival "Spring Affair" . We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of participating choirs around the world. Thank you so much for 21 gigabytes (!) Of wonderful material.
We really appreciate the time you have put into your videos which we happily linked together to create more than 4 hours of music , fun and togetherness, even if we still have to be apart for now.You can look forward to seeing glorious performances on stage , when life seemed to be so easy, heartbreaking recordings during Covid time, put together by technical wizards and videos filled with joy and so much fun… Invite your family and friends to join for the premiere performance of "Spring Affair" on our YouTube Channel - order a large pizza or prepare some extraordinary dishes to celebrate the creativity of our member choirs and some amazing guests from Asia and the US

How does it work?

The premiere of the video starts at 7 pm Central European Time (CET +1) on Saturday, April 24, 2021 on our YouTube Channel . Just hit the play button and enjoy!  
Want to share it with your Choir members, family & friends, here's the link:
During the premiere it will not be possible to go forward, but you can pause and go back - after the video has been shown completely you can play it as often as you like, go forward and backward, order more Pizza, drinks…: - )

So let's unveil who's on the playlist

Sing out Brussels!
2. Barcelona Gay Men's Chorus
3. Barcelona Rainbow Singers
4. Monadessa Munich Project Choir
5. Voces por la Tolerancia
6. Edinburgh Munich Ukraine EMU video project
7. Cromatica Chorus
8. Krakofonia
9. Brighton Gay Men's Chorus
10. Philomonic
11th European Queer Choir
12. Beijing Queer Chorus
13. Rozenkoor
14. Galakoor
15th Gay Lesbian Choir Cologne
16. Le Chœur Gay de Toulouse
17. Les Genevoix
18th podium Paris
19. Voces LGBT de Madrid
20th Rainbow Choir Munich
21. Komos Coro LGTB di Bologna
22. Tapala note
23. Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus
24. Barberfellas
25. Voces Gaudii
26. Rainbow chorus
27. The WEIBrations 
28. Out 'n loud
29. Checcoro
30. Rainbow Sound Orchestra Munich
31. Quire Belfast LGBT Singers
32. Pink Singers
33. Sing Out Bristol
34. Parruccoro
35. Stranivari
36th Choir +
37. The Good News Female Gospel Choir
38. Dissolute lesbians
39. Choreos
40. Roma Rainbow Choir
41. London Gay Men's Chorus
42. Canon Inverso
43. MenAlive, Orange County Gay Men's Chorus
44. Melodiva
45. Cincinnati Men's Chorus
46. Bristol Gay Men's Chorus
47. Maneuver
48. The Sunday Boys
49. Gemengd Dameskoor Groningen
50. Deep C Divas
51. Musica Lesbiana
52. Out Aloud
53. Qoro
54. Homonics
So it's worth waiting and celebrating :-) 

We hope you enjoyed every minute

Your feed back is valued
We would love to he ar from you - Show us how you celebrated and send us your photos.
We will feature the best in next month's newsletter and in social media.

Share the love & fun.
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