Music Director

Orgena Rose

Orgena Rose (Gena) has been the Music Director (MD) of Sing Out Bristol since July 2022 taking over the role from our previous MD, Rónán de Búrca.


Photos used copyright, Orgena Rose

Orgena is a dynamic vocalist, composer, music director, award winning voice coach, actor, dancer, playwright, best selling author, music supervisor, TV Host and the first online Entertainment Producer. She has over 25 years in the arts and entertainment and highlights of her career include appearances on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, international tours, as well as on OPRAH, Today, Conan and PBS. She has been the Vocal Director for Disney, worked with Sony and Universal, and been the Music Director for many professional theater company productions. Having attended the University of the Arts and Westminster Choir College, Orgena has brought her years of experience as a vocal pedagogist and educator to colleges and universities across the US and internationally, as well as having been a music consultant, MC and keynote speaker for many global organizations.

Orgena has been sharing her Rose Voice Method and coaching choirs and individuals  to “find their voice” since 1993. She’s been on a mission to share the message that if you can speak, you can sing, ever since she was told she couldn’t sing by a choir teacher. She set out to prove that teacher wrong and did so four years later as a soloist for the entire eastern region of the US. She’s been helping others to do the same  through her Rapid Voice Transformation workshops, private coaching and Soul Song Singing Retreats. Her students have gone on to have thriving careers singing on Broadway, American Idol, The Voice, and have successful careers writing, recording and touring with their own music. Having started many choirs, Orgena is extremely honoured to now be the Music Director for Sing Out Bristol.


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