Choir Social Events

An important part of choir life is the ability to socialise with each other and sometimes bring friends or family along.

We strive to host a social event every month of the year, although this isn't always possible.  We sometimes use external events as a social opportunity, eg Pride, Hand In Hand, Various Voices.

Among our regular (annual) social events are:
  • Karaoke 
  • Bowling
  • New Members Welcome Evening
  • Summer Picnic
  • Quiz Night
  • Treasure Hunt
  • End of Year Social
  • Cinema/Theatre Night
As well as these whole choir events, we also arrange section socials, where the section coordinator arranges a social evening/weekend day eventfor members of the section and their family/friends.

All social events are visible on our website calendar and notified via the weekly email and Members Facebook Group.

Although all our soiclas events are for fun, we do like to have a light hearted competitive edge to make things interesting, where possible.  For example the treasure hunt and bowling are competitions. 
We even have a trophy that is handed to the champions of the annual quiz.

Here's the roll of honour


2012    Bass Section
2013    Soprano Section
2014    Tenor Section
2015    Alto Section

2016 There was no quiz.

2017    Tenor Section
2018    Soprano Section
2019    The Audience
2020    Alto Section
2021    Bass Section
2022    Bass Section

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