Trans Pride South West "Trans And..."

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Date Posted: Sun, 8 Nov 2020
Monday 16th November at 7:15pm

YouTube video of "Trans And..." including a speaker talking about their autism.

I’m trans, and I’m also…
The media is full of discussions about what trans people are and are not. With all of the misinformation and transphobia following the recent proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, why not hear from some trans people in their own words about who they are.
In a series of interviews and videos, we’ll be covering topics ranging from neurodiversity and popular culture to gender euphoria and coming out later in life. Join us to hear from a wide range of trans people about their lives, experiences, and what we can all do to support trans rights.
This panel was originally streamed in collaboration with Bristol Pride for Bristol Pride Online.
This event was originally streamed live and there were unfortunately several technical issues at the time. We have since edited the video to remove as many problems as possible but please be aware there are still several technical issues in the recording.
In conversation with Siân Amekuedi (She/Her) - trans activist, member of Bristol Labour Against Transphobia, and former Trans Chair at Bristol SU's Trans Network - please join us for an evening of discussion with our fantastic guests:
Travis Alabanza (They/Them) - Bristol born performer, writer and theatre maker. In the last two years they have been noted by numerous publications, such as ARTSY, ID AND MOBO _AWARDS, as one of the most prominent emerging queer artistic voices. Travis will be discussing feelings about gender euphoria and the complications of passing.
Thaniel Dorian (He/They) - Organiser of a large protest in London regarding the scrapped proposal to the GRA and protest accessibility advocate. Thaniel will be discussing his feelings on how the LBGTQ community can provide more accessibility for autistic people and those on the neurodiverse spectrum.
Allison Chambers (She/Her) - Allison describes herself as a pre-op transgender male to female woman, and will be discussing her life, to surviving electric shock treatment and a suicide attempt, and coming out later in life.
Please be advised that as our guests are speaking about their lived experience, some of the content may be upsetting/potentially triggering for some viewers.
Trans Pride South West is an annual trans Pride festival based in Bristol that celebrates the diversity of transgender, non-binary, Intersex, & gender non-confirming individuals, and actively encourages awareness, openness and interaction.
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