Brigstowe Update

Brigstowe Update
Type of post: Community Notice
Posted By: Dave Johnson
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 4 Sep 2020
Summer has now left us (is it only us or do you feel like you haven't had one either?) and with that means what would have been a busy and fruitful time for Brigstowe in terms of awareness and fundraising has in fact been a rather quiet one.

Everyone has the right to live without fear of prejudice, stigma and discrimination; people living with HIV are no different.

Help eradicate the stigma people living with HIV face. Donate to Brigstowe this payday weekend.

£50 can allow someone struggling with their diagnosis to meet with their Peer Mentor every week for a month

Click here to donate

Please consider becoming a 'Friend of Brigstowe' by making a regular monthly donation. This helps us to make long term improvements in the lives of people living with HIV.

"Stigma is still there in the bucket loads. It's not something that is easy to live with. I lost my job and lived in my car for 3 years. I was pulled back from the edge by the people at Brigstowe. If it wasn't for Brigstowe, I'd be dead"
Kevin, Brigstowe Client