Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Lockdown Video)

Type of post: Choir news item
Posted By: Dave Johnson
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 12 May 2020
Here is the finished video.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a video and/or audio recording.  There are 61 individual voices and 58 faces on the video. An amazing response!  Thanks also to Rónán for the amazing sound editing job. It sounds truly beautiful.

As mentioned previously, we wanted to try something a little different from other choirs who have made some great videos and we came up with a concept of the lockdown video - a tongue-in-cheek spoof intro, where we're all held in a fictitious choir lockdown centre and bored out of our minds, until Gena invites us all to sing from our social media profiles (hence the circular imagery).  

The intro may not be everyone's cup of tea, so there are two versions available, the one below and one without the intro.  You are welcome to share either on social media and we'll be doing so on the choir's social media platforms.

Thanks for reading; if you want to know more there's an explanantion about why it all took so long, below the video. 

With spoof intro:
Without intro:

Additional notes:
Just to give some context as to why it took so long, the original plan for editing this was ruined early on, when my PC packed up and my laptop wasn't powerful enough to support the software needed. I resorted to using my phone, which has a great video editing app, but it wasn't really designed for a project of this size, needing lots of video layers. I could only load four singers at a time, so had to make 14 separate videos and layer them on top of each other, which meant the earlier videos degraded somewhat and took on a weird green hue as well as going slightly out of sync.  You can see the green hue effect in the current video, at the end, as I kept the very last crescendo from the first video, so we are all on screen together.

To get around the issue, I've had to reduce everyone's on-screen time to one verse (the basses also have their 'solo' bits, along with a few random backing singers).  Everyone who submitted a video is on the final edit somewhere I nearly forgot Stephen Biles, and there was only room for a tiny Stephen, so to make up for that, he's in it all the way through (apologies Stephen).  It's been a useful learning curve but if and when we do another video, we'll stick to convention and it won't be edited on a phone, I promise!