Feedback from St. George's customers

Feedback from St. George's customers
Type of post: Choir news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, 12 Jun 2019

I have today received an email from St. George's with some feedback from their customers. St. George's have been  asking them about 1. the event, 2. the performance space and 3. value for money:


Such a professional show for a community choir!!

Well orchestrated and well choreographed considering the number of people in the choir

Quite remarkably distinct, engaging and at times profoundly poignant. The ending came too soon.

Fantastic atmosphere. Beautifully presented.

Fabulous show none stop entertainment from start to finish. Highly recommended

Fabulous performance and choir.

Excellent performance and acoustics

Uplifting and professional performance by a gifted team

Amazing show as always. Staff very courteous and helpful

Musically very good, great choreography and a choir that were clearly enjoying themselves

Varied, enjoyable choice of songs, beautifully sung.

Choir fantastic but given their number the sound was very muted. Needed much better amplification. I said this politely to the team on the sound desk at the beginning of the interval and surprisingly they did not heed my advice.


Lovely new space

The best acoustics of any hall in the UK

Providing water jugs near the seating was a life saver. Thank you.

Very smart and well- designed.

It would have been helpful to have toilets on each floor.

Love the next building make the place so much better to get around and for socializing.

Fantastic venue and acoustics. Loving the additional building.

Very nice venue

It is fabulous

Beautiful architecture and great organisation.

Extension and extra facilites a great improvement and presumably much easier for you. More nudges needed to get us to order our drinks ready for the interval - am guilty so had to wait almost missing out.

I love St George's as a venue and think the new renovations are wonderful. However I couldnt give it 5 stars as we were not able to take glasses into the show.

Excellent acoustics. Lovely bar/cafe area

Compact, comfortable and acoustically perfect - also some very clever lighting

Great acoustics

I like the redevelopment. Having the doors opening out on to the new patio is good.


A great evening entertainment for a very reasonable price.

What value do you put on something so memorable?!

5 star excellent

Excellent value

The performance was incredible. I wish they could have gone on for longer.

Would have been happy to have paid Hippodrome and Colston Hall prices for this show.