Will we sell out at St George's?

Type of post: Choir news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 17 Feb 2019

Many of you have asked, "how is it going with ticket sales?". As of today, status is; we've come off to a good start - but could use a bit of a push.

of seats sold
of seats sold
Sing Out Bristol 79
St George's 118
Total sales 197
Sing Out Bristol 156
St George's 229
Total sales 385

As you can see we've sold 582 tickets over both days so far - St George's have a total of 590 seats - so we've sold the hall completely out - but only once. We need to sell twice this number of tickets to have two sellout nights, so please do all you can to push sales for Friday. It would be a shame to perform for a half full St George's.

Remember - you can still buy tickets from me at Tuesdays rehearsals. I have 121 left for Friday across all ticket bands, and only 44 seats left for Saturday (mainly balcony seats).

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