Various Voices - Sing Out Bristol performance - Munich

5:30pm, Sat, 12 May 2018

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  • Type of event: Performance
    Duration: 30
    Venue: Odeonsplatz, City Center, Munich, Germany
    Description: Our second and final performance of the Various Voices 2018 festival, took place in the open air venue at Odeonsplatz, in the city centre of Munich. 

    A large enthusiastic crowd quickly gathered, giving us one of the best reactions we have ever seen from an audience.  The decision was taken to drop the moves to 'One', as we had already decided not to wear the trademark hats, integral to the moves.  The audience were having none of it, however, and some had obviously seen our performance at The Gasteig, the previous day, as they performed the moves for us, in an extraordinary show of support.

    These comments, from choir members who attended, refer to the whole 5 days of the festival, when asked for their highlights of the week.

    Nigel Wilkins (Tenor):
    Best: singing on Saturday at 6pm, mericfully without bells, with a great audience which included a choir that were mimicking us. What a compliment!
    A close second was singing Carmina Burana after a single rehearsal, with plenty of support given so freely by fellow Tenor 1s.
    It felt like singing at the last night of the proms
    Third and finally: Shamelessly drinking ???? and eating currywurst, in the sun for lunch on Saturday, while listening to Manchester L&G Chorus, followed by ????, with My Man.
    A big thank you to you all for working hard to make my choir look and sound soooooo good. The audience reaction was FAB and I am very proud to be part of of a great choir. ♥?

    Leanne Curtis (Alto):
    My top moments were... Dancing until I nearly dropped with the samba band! Partying until we were the last ones standing. Being in the front row and experiencing the outdoor stage and audience vibe on Saturday. So much love.

    Dean Buck (Bass):
    Top moment was the open top performance (in the Odeonsplatz)

    Ross Slade (Bass):
    What a week in Munich it's been. Despite a case of food poisoning, injuring my foot and then getting stuck in a lift at the Holiday Inn, it's been an amazing time. Seen so many great LGBT choirs from all over the world and learned a lot from seeing such talented groups of people. Highlight was definitely performing at Odeonsplatz in the open air. What a great crowd doing all our moves! Roll on Bologna 2022!

    Alfie Green (Bass):
    Conchita :) loved the gala concert, being in a space where i could be myself and hanging out with my second family.

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