Hand In Hand Virtual Event

12:00pm, Sat, 19 Sep 2020 to Sun, 20 Sep 2020

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  • Type of event: Event
    Venue: ONLINE - www.youtube.com/proudvoiceschoirs
    Description: Hand In Hand Virtual Event
    As you are aware, we are putting on a Hand in Hand virtual festival on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September this year. With no clear end in sight for pandemic restrictions and a complete ban on amateur singing, regardless of precautions, our choirs need something to celebrate what we have achieved in the past, what we are doing right now, and look forward to what will come when we are finally allowed to sing together again.

    The Hand in Hand virtual festival follows the format of the in-person Hand in Hands: we will have an opening ceremony, a range of performances, workshops and even a joint song. Because it is virtual, those choirs which have never participated in a Hand in Hand are strongly encouraged to take part. 

    Opening Ceremony
    Where: Proud Voices YouTube channel www.youtube.com/proudvoices
    When: Saturday 19 September 2020 1900h
    Like previous opening ceremonies this will be a fun and light-hearted affair which sets the stage for what's to come over the weekend. We hope to have a celebrity host (stay tuned for more details), humour, some performances and snippets from our choirs and our workshop leaders. Be sure to put this date in your diary and look out for yourselves on screen!

    Concert block
    Where: Proud Voices YouTube channel www.youtube.com/proudvoices
    When: Saturday 19 September 2020 1930h onwards
    The virtual festival's concert block is, like conventional concerts, an opportunity to give all our choirs a platform.  We will be running the concert like an enormous playlist of each choir's pre-recorded performance with speeches interspersed with the performances.  This will be a great way to hear the choirs you already love, and discover new choirs you have never have heard of.

    Where: Workshop attendees via specicfic Zoom links, with plans to broadcast on Proud Voices YouTube channel www.youtube.com/proudvoices
    When: Sunday 20 September 2020 various times
    You should have already received an email with this information, but it's repeated here for those who would still like to sign up for a workshop:

    Workshop One: Sunday 20 September 1000am - 1130am 
    What is White Privilege and why are our choirs so white? 
    with activist and facilitator Jodie Williams  
    A workshop on race and race equality, enabling people to develop their understanding of
    white privilege and how this impacts our everyday lives. 
    This session aims to give people a better understanding of how to be a better ally and how
    to actively be anti-racist, with the aim of creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.
    To register as a zoom participant - only 75 places available. 
    Workshop Two: Sunday 20 September 12noon - 1245pm 
    Trans* inclusion lunchtime chat hosted by Stephen Davidson, conductor of London Trans* choir 
    Join Stephen for a short and cheerful chat about ways you can make your choir more inclusive of trans and non-binary singers. We’ll cover pronouns, different voice types and what to call them, physiological aspects of changing voices, and a little bit of vocabulary. There’ll be an anonymous Q and A at the end, to help demystify the T bit of LGBT. Bring your lunch and get cosy, and feel free to be nosey.
    To register as a zoom participant - only 50 places available

    Workshop Three: Sunday 20 September 1pm - 230pm 
    Shake Your Groove Thing with choreographer Luke Abnett 
    A choreography workshop like no other: on zoom! Join in as we learn a routine and perform it, all in the space of 90 minutes. This workshop will be fun and accessible for all levels of ability and confidence. If you’ve got it, you can shake it… And you’ve all got it! Wear bright colours, they’re always in vogue. 
    To register as a zoom participant - only 48 places available
    Workshop Four: Sunday 20 September 3pm - 430pm 
    Open Your Mouth and Sing with musical improv comedy gurus Joe Samuel and Heather Urquhart 
    Open Your Mouth and Sing is a supportive, joyous and safe environment for any age or ability to explore the world of improvising with music. We’ll cover a range of music styles, games and song structures. Really useful for those who want to give it a go but need a safe environment to let their musical hair down. Also suitable for those who want a fun refresh and introduction to some new exercises. 
    To register as a zoom participant - there are only 48 places available - and of this, we are looking for 12 active soloists! 
    If you're feeling brave and would like to put your inner diva forward, please register for a ticket via eventbrite and then email us as proudvoicesworkshops@gmail.com

    Closing Ceremony
    Where: Proud Voices YouTube channel www.youtube.com/proudvoices
    When: Sunday 19 September 2020 TBD based on Workshops, probably around 1700h
    A wrap up to the events of the weekend. Once again we will have a fabulous host to bring the weekend to a close, and we will be singing "Hand in Hand" together as a show of solidarity. "Hand in Hand" is the joint song for the festival and we would encourage your choir members to submit recordings of themselves singing the song which will then be compiled into a virtual from-scratch choir.