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Sing Out Bristol is a versatile community choir.

We perform at large events in front of thousands of people (Bristol Pride, our own annual concerts, festivals, etc).

But did you know, we also perform at more intimate events and venues?


"It meant the world to us to have you sing at our ceremony.  You sounded absolutely fantastic and we had so many guests commenting after how lovely (and professional!) you sounded" - Rob & James (January 2019)

We have performed at many same sex weddings in the past few years, for example; as well as other private events, such as the annual LGBT Writers Awards Dinner at different cities around the UK.

Our 'spin-off' group, Little Sing Out are available for paid gigs, or if your event is a fund-raiser or other charity event that matches our community values and aims, then we can usually perform for you for free.

Performing at The Great Brunel Buskathon at Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Any profits made from paid gigs are used to support the development of the choir, for example hosting vocal workshops to help our members improve their abilities.

If you would like to discuss the idea of Sing Out Bristol appearing at your event, please give us a few quick details and we will get back to you asap.

We have a pre-formatted e-mail  which you can populate by clicking the link below and Liz, our performance coordinator, will be only too pleased to have a chat with you about your ideas.


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